$70 for 20

Instant Consultation Gratification

Questions Answered. Goals Clarified.
Path Cleared.


Save yourself hours of research. Get detailed, expert answers in a 20 minute consultation. A 20 minute phone consultations is great for those who:

  • Have one or two targetted questions to be answered
  • Want to see what consulting with Rob is like
  • Need a brief follow-up consultation
  • Want an initial 20 minute consultation to clarify goals

A small sampling of questions that
fit a 20-minute consultation:

  • What are things to consider in getting started with Telehealth?
  • How can I implement secure/encrypted email?
  • How can I backup my files and remain HIPAA compliant?
  • What are the pros and cons of paneling with insurance companies?
  • Should I take on other therapists as contractors or employees?
  • How do I handle out of network clients and insurance claims?
  • Do I need a blog on my web site?
  • How can I go paperless?
  • Who do I need a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with?
  • What are my options for having a quality, affordable web site?

Choose a Time That Works for You!

Use my convenient online scheduler below to choose a time that works for you, based on your time zone. I will call you at the scheduled time, and get your questions answered.

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