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As mental health professionals, you know that every individual and their circumstances are unique and you take that into account as an integral part of the therapeutic process. Similarly, you and your practice are unique and require a customized approach to consulting. Don’t settle for someone insisting that the way they have run their business. or that the technology they have chosen, will work for you. That’s not Consulting or Coaching, that’s Sales. Rob takes a collaborate approach to consulting, first taking the time to fully understand your parameters and goals, and then offering recommendations that will best fit your practice and objectives.

Who Rob Is

Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, M.Ed., NCC is a nationally recognized expert regarding technology and business considerations of behavioral health private practice. He realizes that there isn’t a single business model that results in success, and is able to adapt business plans, and technology solutions, to different situations. Rob can address all facets of your private practice or agency, including the areas many practitioners need help with like Technology, Business, Marketing, and Finances. Whether you need focused help in one area of your business, or a comprehensive consultation, Rob will help you craft a plan that fits your goals and vision for your practice.

How Rob Works

Rob primarily provides help to therapists and counselors in private practice through phone and video consultation. There are no expensive coaching packages, bootcamps, or mastermind groups; just one on one time focused on providing you the clarifications and answers you need to help make your practice successful.

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What people have said about Rob and Tame Your Practice

"Rob! You know, that phone conversation with you was invaluable"

Marcia Katz, LCSW
Santa Rosa Therapy
Santa Rosa, CA

"I should have gone straight to this source before I spent several hours doing my own research on compliance protocols for mental health professionals! This consultation was well worth my time and money and I will definitely be utilizing his services in the future. Thank you for making sense of the very complicated and complex world of HIPAA!"

Melissa Ayantola, LMHC


"You are EPIC and AWESOME! Love all your reviews."

Casey Truffo
Be a Wealthy Therapist


A brief list of Rob’s Qualifications
  • 40+ years of technology experience
  • 20+ years of business management experience
  • Successful private practice owner since 2007
  • Helping others in private practice since 2010
  • TechTutor Column Editor for Counseling Today 2013-2018
  • LPCANC Advocate of the Year Award recipient 2018
  • An incredible knack for making technology and business information approachable

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  • American Counseling Association
  • GoodTherapy
  • State of Alaska
  • American Mental Health Counselors Association
  • CalSouthern University
  • Connecticut Counselors Association
  • Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina
  • Maryland Counselors Association
  • Colorado Counselors Association
  • Illinois Counseling Assocition
  • University of North Carolina – School of Social Work

What Can I Help You With?

I'm ready to help you Tame Your Practice! Choose the help you're looking for.

Technology Help

I'd like help choosing software/technology to improve my practice and understanding how to remain compliant with HIPAA and my Code of Ethics.

Business Help

I'd like guidance on business like how to start/grow a practice, hiring clinicians, finances, or something else they didn't teach us in my graduate program.

Ethics Help

I'd like some feedback on an Ethics issue (including, but not limited to issues involving technology, business, clinical work, or other clinicians).

Professional Speaker

I'm looking for an engaging professional speaker who can present on technology, ethics, HIPAA, EHR, and/or practice management.

Market Research

I have a product or service and want to better understand my target market of behavioral health professionals in solo and group private practices.

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