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Tame Your Practice!

More Time For Clients and YOU!

The more time you spend on the business and administrative side of private practice, the less time you have for your clients, or for you and your self-care. Yet the practice isn’t going to run itself.

Whether you need to address one need, like deciding whether to hire contractors or employees, or want to do a big picture evaluation of your practice’s business and administrative systems, I can help. I’ll take the time to understand your practice and its unique needs, and then provide feedback and options for solutions that will help you reach your goals.

Starting a Private Practice

Need some help deciding if private practice is a good fit for you? Ready to start your practice, but need some guidance?  Want to just make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered?

Rob can help you with all aspects of practice, business, technology, compliance, and ethics. He’ll help you ensure you’ve got everything covered and get off to a great start!

Growing a Practice

Have a full schedule and not sure what to do with all the calls still coming in? Already running a group practice and wondering how to create or manage the growth? Thinking about things like contractor vs. employee? Whether to remain with managed care? How to carve out your niche and effectively market? I’m here to help you clarify and work toward the vision for your private practice.

Private Practice Tune-Up

All the little facets of running a successful private practice can really add up and consume a lot of your time. I’ll help you examine how you’re doing things and help you discover more effiicient, cost-saving ways of doing things. I’ll help you Tame Your Practice so that you are running it, instead of it running you.

70 for 20

Get amazing value and detailed answers to a specific question or two in in 20 minute phone consultation. Save yourself hours by spending 20 minutes on the phone with an expert.

One Hour Consultation

You'll be amazed how much value I pack into an hour. I will take the time to understand your practice and your unique needs and provide detailed answers and solution options that will help you reach your goals.

Have Questions?

Not sure whether to book 20 minutes or an hour? Wondering if I can cover a topic you have questions about? No problem. Drop me a note detailing your situation and I'll recommend a path forward.

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