Recommended Technology, Tools, and Resources for Therapists and Counselors

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Recommended Technology, Tools, and Resources for Therapists and Counselors

Having been in private practice for over a decade, and providing consultation for people all over the country, I’ve used and become acquainted with a wide range of products that are useful to therapists. Please note that, while a handful of these items contain affiliate links, I only recommend items I have personally used myself and/or vendors I’ve built trusting relationships with. I hope you’ll consider using my links if you find my recommendations helpful.

EHR – Practice Management Systems – You won’t find a recommended EHR here. Instead, you can find my reviews here. If you’d like to save hours of research, and have me help you determine a “best fit” EHR for your practice, look here.

Recommended Vendors

Secure Email

I’ve been using Hushmail for Healthcare for years in my private practice. I’m especially a fan of being able to incorporate a secure contact form into my web site. If you sign up through my link, you’ll save 15% for life!
Read my article/review of Hushmail.

Secure Phone System

All Call Technologies’ Virtual Receptionist sytem allows you to have a professional phone system even if you operate from your cell phone. Extensions, voice mail, greetings, and a Business Associate Agreement for HIPAA Compliance.
Read my article/review of AllCall.

DIY Web Hosting

Looking to build and self-mange your web site?  Or perhaps someone is building it for you, but you want affordable hosting? SiteGround is where I host my private practice sites and their customer service is excellent!

Credit Card Processing

Square has been my go to processor for credit card transactions for years. Simple, easy, get your funds within 48 hours. Sign up with my link and pay no processing fees on your first $1000 in charges!

Recommended Products

Verastile Therapy Tool

Describe is THE most versatile conversation starter for ALL AGES. Dozens of activities and games for individuals, relationships, families, and groups. Use code typblog for 10% of everything!

Sound Machine

A staple of therapy offices everywhere, the Marpac Sound machine makes natural, white noise, helping ensure client privacy. Pricier than some other options, but look at the amazing reviews. Mine has lasted over a decade.

Micro-Cut Shredder

Did you know that “strip shredders” are not considered secure? I’ve been quite pleased with every AmazonBasics item I’ve ever purchased, and this micro-cut shredder is no exception. This affordable unit comes with it’s own receptacle and will even shred credit cards.

Recommended Books

Beyond Professional Will

Therapists are required by their Code of Ethics to have a contingency plan in place. A Professional Will is NOT enough. We guide you through the process and include templates. Save 15% with code YE25X!
Read my article on the topic.

Guide to Choosing EHR

Too often, I hear of therapists choosing an EHR hastily, based on a small set of needs, only to regret their decision.  I’ve compiled all the questions to ask, features to look for, and things most don’t think about, into one handy five-step guide to choosing an EHR. 

Dealing with Insurance

Deciding whether or not to panel with insurance companies? Wondering about the ins and outs if you do?  Barbara Griswold has written a go to resource for learning about accepting insurance and making the decision for you and your practice.

Profit First

Mental health professionals get little, if any, education about business in their graduate programs. This book should be on your list of ways to catch up on things you need to know.


DSM-5 Desk Reference

Did you know there is a “pocket-sized” version of the DSM-5? The Desk Reference comes in handy if you need quick information without pulling out the cinder block version!


Crafting Presentations

I wanted something more than a “How to get over your fear of speaking”, five-step book. This is it. If you’re looking for a book to help you take your presentations/speaking engagement to the next level, you need this book.

Recommended Resources

Worksheets & More

Therapist Aid is a cornocopia of worksheets, videos, guides and more. A toolbox for therapists.


Social Media Policy

Looking for a template for a social media policy template?  Dr. Keely Kolmes was an original expert on this topic and has an excellent template available for free.


Dr. Maelisa McCaffrey (Hall) knows her stuff when it comes to proper clinical documentation. Plus, she offers a free, online, crash course.

Recommended Podcasts


Roy Huggins, of Person Centered Tech joins me to talk technology, HIPAA, and ethics in an approachable and fun way.


Selling the Couch

Host Melvin Varghese has crafted one of the most diverse and long-running podcasts dedicated to topics relevant to private practice.

Practice of the Practice

Joe Sanok has done something like a bazillion podcasts.  He is a veritable podcasting machine, covering the business and human sides of private practice.

Practice of Therapy

Gordon Brewer, MEd, LMFT is the host of the Practice of Therapy podcast, covering a wide array of topics focused on practice building.

Abundant Practice

Allison Puryear brings an amazing energy and focus on an incredible array of private practice topics, focused on helping you build abundance.

Clearly Clinical

Want to hear quality clinical content AND have an opportunity to get CE credit at the same time? Check out Clearly Clinical.

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