What Can I Help You With?

I'm ready to help you Tame Your Practice! Choose the help you're looking for.

Technology Help

I'd like help choosing software/technology to improve my practice and understanding how to remain compliant with HIPAA and my Code of Ethics.

Business Help

I'd like guidance on business like how to start/grow a practice, hiring clinicians, finances, or something else they didn't teach us in my graduate program.

Ethics Help

I'd like some feedback on an Ethics issue (including, but not limited to issues involving technology, business, clinical work, or other clinicians).

Professional Speaker

I'm looking for an engaging professional speaker who can present on technology, ethics, HIPAA, EHR, and/or practice management.

Market Research

I have a product or service and want to better understand my target market of behavioral health professionals in solo and group private practices.

Tell Me More

I'm not sure what I'm looking for, or am curious to learn more about Rob Reinhardt and Tame Your Practice and how they might help me.

EHR Reviews

I'm looking for your expert EHR/EMR/Practice Management System reviews.

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