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A therapy private practice is a multi-faceted business with complex ethics questions and dilemmas. It can be beneficial, and somtimes imperative, to seek consultation with an experienced clinician to be sure you’re addressing situations in a manner that complies with your Code of Ethics.

As a Licensed Professional Counseling Supervisor (NC), published author, professional speaker, and over a decade of expeience in private practice, Rob has the expertise to provide valuable feedback regarding virtually any ethical dilemma. Whether it involves technology, clinical work, or business decisions, Rob is ready to help you come up with a clear path forward.

Ethics Consultation

Let Rob help you find peace of mind and a clear path forward regarding any ethical dilemma. If you have a fairly straightforward situation/question, book a 20 minute consultation. For more complex issues, or a “big picture” ethics overview regarding use of tech, or a big business decision, book a full hour.

70 for 20

Get amazing value and detailed answers to a specific question or two in in 20 minute phone consultation. Save yourself hours by spending 20 minutes on the phone with an expert.

One Hour Consultation

You’ll be amazed how much value I pack into an hour. I will take the time to understand your practice and your unique needs and provide detailed answers and solution options that will help you reach your goals.

Have Questions?

Not sure whether to book 20 minutes or an hour? Wondering if I can cover a topic you have questions about? No problem. Drop me a note detailing your situation and I’ll recommend a path forward.

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