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Efficiency Through Tech!

Implenting appropriate technology can help move you toward your private practice goals and vision. The key is to choose technology that is a good fit for your practice. Your practice is as unique as you are, so to reach maximum efficiency, you need something that isn’t a cookie cutter solution.  And you need to understand HIPAA and Ethics compliance requirements.

Whether you need to address one need, like secure email, a larger system like an EHR/EMR/Practice Management System, or want to do a big picture evaluation of your practice’s technology needs, I’m here to help. I’ll take the time to understand your practice and its unique needs and then provide feedback and options for solutions that will help you reach your goals.

EHR/EMR/Practice Management System Selection

The heart and soul of a private practice technology picture, your selection of Practice Management System (EHR/EMR) is integral to your success and changing systems is no party. Feeling overwhelmed by the options? Let me help you choose the solution that best fits your practice the first time. During a 60 minute phone consultation, I will get to know your practice and its needs, and help you identify the best fit EHR to help you reach your goals.


Telehealth (aka Telemental Health, Secure Video, Distance Counseling, etc.) is the next great frontier. Thinking about integrating Telehealth services and want to know how it fits in your practice? Already decided, but want a better understanding of how to get started? Need help deciding which Telehealth application to use? I’m here to help. Set a 20 minute appointment if you want a brief introduction or have a couple of target questions about Telehealth. Book the full hour if you want to dive deeper and get a thorough understand of Telehealth concepts, needs, and tools.

Secure Communication (Email, Text, Phone)

Need guidance on choosing and implementing secure email, text, or phone services? Want to understand the HIPAA and Ethics implications? I’m here to help. Book a 20 minute appointment to address one specific technology. Go for a full hour if you want to cover all of your communications technologies and options.

HIPAA & Ethics Compliance

Want to understand how to comply with HIPAA and Codes of Ethics while utilizing technology with clients? Need to understand how it all fits together? Book a 20 minute appointment for questions about a specific technology (i.e. email, texting, telehealth, etc.) Go for a full hour if you have questions about compliance in several areas of your practice.

All The Things!

Ready to do a comprehensive evaluation of your practice needs and how technology might help you increase efficiency and reach your goals? Want to cover a lot of ground and multiple topics?  Book a one hour appointment and together we’ll generate a list of options the best move you toward the vision for your practice.

70 for 20

Get amazing value and detailed answers to a specific question or two in in 20 minute phone consultation. Save yourself hours by spending 20 minutes on the phone with an expert.

One Hour Consultation

You’ll be amazed how much value I pack into an hour. I will take the time to understand your practice and your unique needs and provide detailed answers and solution options that will help you reach your goals.

Have Questions?

Not sure whether to book 20 minutes or an hour? Wondering if I can cover a topic you have questions about? No problem. Drop me a note detailing your situation and I’ll recommend a path forward.

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