Newsletter Issue

Several newsletter members have reported that Google flagged TYP’s most recent newsletter as containing links to sites that may contain malware.

I have since confirmed that there is no malware on the Tame Your Practice site. If you are ever concerned about a site, here is Google Safe Browsing site status that allows you to search:

I received similar safe results for the federal government site that I linked to in the newsletter.

Currently, my best guess is that this is a result of a mis-configuration of email/DNS servers that occurred when I transferred from MailChimp to MailerLite (for hosting the newsletter).  In short, if servers aren’t configured exactly correctly, Google’s algorithm’s will flag emails for malware, even with no evidence of such.

Once I’ve discovered the root of the issue, and ensured it’s been corrected, I will provide an update.

Thank you for your patience!

Rob Reinhardt, LCMHCS