On a Mission to Find the Best Fit EHR


The story of the Tame Your Practice EHR Reviews

In 2010, I was determined to find an EHR – Practice Management System that would let me make my practice paperless. As a former IT professional, I know the value and efficiency of eliminating paper and streamlining systems. I looked at one EHR, and then another, and then another. Before I knew it, I had looked at over a dozen products and still hadn’t come close to finding the elusive unicorn that had all my desired features.

What I did have was a ton of data on all the systems I had looked at, and a realization that others may be on the same quest as I was. Thus, Tame Your Practice was born. I published those initial reviews and have been adding new products and keeping reviews up to date ever since.

What’s Unique About My Reviews

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has owned my own private practices since 2007. I have been providing consulting and coaching services to others in private practice around the country since 2009. I know all the ins and outs of various models of private practice. Prior to this career, I was an Information Technology professional, including stints as a software developer and IT Director. I know software and technology. I also understand HIPAA and how our Codes of Ethics apply to the use of tech. I’m not aware of anyone else with this background, that has spent the last decade keeping up with these EHRs, and has helped hundreds of therapists identify the one that best fits their practice.

Want to Benefit from My Expertise and Experience?

There are multiple ways my knowledge of EHRs can help you. One of the primary ways is in helping you select a best fit for your practice. Look here read about the 5-step process to choosing an EHR (straight from my book on the topic), as well as other options.