Pieces of the Paperless Office Puzzle

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Pieces of the Paperless Office Puzzle


While many mental health and wellness professionals are interested in an integrated practice management system / EHR, there are those that wish to keep their systems and information separate. For many this is driven by relationships. Perhaps they already have a trusted billing service that they work with. For others, they are only seeking a solution for particular area of their practice. For example, they may only need a solution for taking notes. Still others recognize that sometimes a product is more detailed and robust when it focuses on one thing and doing that one thing well. Focused products often have features that are missing in those that try to be “all in one”.

The most significant drawback of this piecemeal approach is the lack of integration. If you use multiple, separate systems, it’s not likely they will “talk” to each other. This will require duplicate entry of client data in most cases.  However, depending on your situation, the potential gains may outweigh the drawbacks.  In this series of articles, I will be briefly covering, and sometimes reviewing these products that can help you acheive a mobile/paperless office, or improve the one you already have.  Be sure to follow this article as it will serve as a central menu to the related applications.  If the items aren’t linked yet, it’s because I intend to publish information about them in the near future:

  • HushMail – Secure/Encrypted Email with the option to integrate a secure form on your web site!
  • AllCallTechnologies – Virtual Receptionist Phone System
  • YellowSchedule or Acuity Scheduling (for online scheduling)
  • Carbonite (Cloud Based Backup and Storage)

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We have an affiliate relationship with Hushmail and Acuity and receive compensation for purchase through our links.  We only establish *these relationships with companies and tools that we use ourselves!

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