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Pros: Full-Featured, Option for Integrated Billing Service, Cusomtizable Dashboard

Cons: Interface Could Use Some Improvement

It’s a Good Choice For Practices That:  Need a solid feature set, an MU Certified EHR, an integrated billing service, or all three.

Standout Features: Customizable Dashboard (and customization in general), Robust Waiting List


Procentive is another in the class of Meaningful Use Certified EHRs that has been working to broaden its marketing appeal.  All but solo, part-time practitioners who want integrated insurance filing are likely to find a pricing and features plan that might work for them with Procentive. As with other enterprise systems, their feature set may be overwhelming for those looking for a simple system.  Those interested in a robust feature set and the ability to customize may find Procentive worthy of investigation. Of particular interest to some will be Procentive’s “BillCare” plan, which leverages support from Procentive’s billing staff. Rather than paying per user monthly fees, the BillCare plan allows you to pay a percentage of revenue collected. In exchange, you receive full use of the EHR along with full featured billing and claim filing support.

As with other MU Certified EHRs, it’s impossible to fully summarize all of the features that come with Procentive. Instead, we’ll start with some highlights. One of the standout features of Procentive is the customizable dashboard. This allows users to place important information from the system in manageable blocks in a layout that makes sense to them. Further the dashboard is so flexible that it can be adjusted on a per user basis. Procentive also has a full-featured client portal even allowing for customization of forms presented to the client for completion (These forms have to be created by the Procentive team for a fee). Many other features can likewise be customized, from progress notes to reports. Procentive also has some nice touches missing from many other systems like a robust waiting list feature that allows you note desired appointment days and times  for the waiting client. They also allow the timing of appointment reminders to be adjusted to any time frame.

The one area Procentive could most use some improvement is the interface and work flow.  In many places (like the Dashboard), the interface shines and can greatly increase efficiency. There are a few areas, however, where the flow can feel awkward until you get past the learning curve. For example, not all required fields are marked as such, and many of the navigation buttons are small and tucked away in corners. The message that a record has been saved it not very prominently placed and can be confusing. Also, some items that are commonly accessed by a practice aren’t as intuitive to get to as I’d hoped. Some of these design issues can make it particularly challenging to use Procentive on a tablet. Procentive also has the feel of a “big system designed for clinics”, though that can be addressed through customization. Fortunately, Procentive features in-depth training documentation making it easy to push through the initial learning curve. Once through the learning curve, the robust feature set makes it easy to overlook some of the weak points.

If you’re looking for a significant feature-set along with customization options, Procentive is worth investigating, especially if you have a need to use a MU Certified EHR.

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