Technology, and Board Games, and Creativity!

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Technology, and Board Games, and Creativity!

Some of life’s greatest opportunities are pure happenstance. Such was the case in me ending up as an interview for fellow consultant, Joe Sanok’s Practice of the Practice podcast.

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It was March and I was at the American Counseling Association Conference in Orlando. My primary goals for the conference were to rock the two presentations I was involved in and to network, network, network. Yes, “network, network, network” was a singular, ambitious goal. Networking is as important a facet of consulting work as it is in running a private practice. I surpassed my goal in Orlando, in part because of my meeting with Joe. Joe and I had run into each other in LinkedIn forums many times. This was the first time we’d had an opportunity to speak directly and we immediately hit it off, having a lot of both business and personal things in common.

Needless to say, I was excited when Joe asked if I would be on his podcast. Joe’s podcast is focused on helping people build and run successful practices, and it was a lot of fun to “talk shop”, with someone that has similar interests and talents. We covered some really important topics in the podcast including technology and security, talked about fun experiences as counselors and consultants, as well as the development of Describe.

Here’s what Joe highlighted from the show to give you a taste:

4:02 Rob’s great breakout session and the unexpected turns in his story
12:05 How to use board games in therapy
18:21 The one thing you are doing wrong when you Google your name
22:05 How to send secure emails with clients
31:02 What every counselor in America needs to know

It’s fun and interesting listening, and a great introduction to Joe’s podcast.  If you’ve never listened to it before, now’s a great time to start! Joe and I would both live to hear your feedback, so please be sure to rate and comment on the podcast on iTunes!

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Rob has been covering technology and business news for mental health professionals since 2011. His extensive experience in IT, business, and private practice allow him to synthesize information in a friendly, digestible manner. He also enjoys time with his family, ultimate frisbee, and board gaming.

Rob Reinhardt

CEO, Tame Your Practice

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