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Get 2 free months of TherapyNotes, the most trusted practice management software for behavioral health. TherapyNotes accommodates the workflow of a behavioral health specialist by providing a fully integrated system to manage your scheduling, notes, and billing. Features electronic claims, appointment reminders, credit card processing, and a patient portal. Safety and security are built in to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on what’s most important: your clients.


Pros: Attractive User-Friendly Interface, Solid Support, Great Work Flow, Integrated Telehealth, ePrescribe

Cons: Missing Some Client Portal Features

It’s a Good Choice For Practices That:  Place great importance on a well-designed, friendly interface, solid support and don’t mind waiting for missing client portal features

Standout Features: User Interface, Work Flow, Feature Integration, Support, Two-Factor Authentication


TherapyNotes is a solid contender for those desiring a user-friendly, efficient system and willing to wait for a full-featured Client Portal. In May of 2016. TherapyNotes released the long-awaited auto-posting ERA features making their e-filing feature set complete. Since then, they have also released the beta version of their Eligibility and Benefits checking tool. TherapyNotes also launched their Client Portal in March of 2015 with limited client self-scheduling options. Since then, TherapyNotes has expanded on those features, including allowing clients to download, and then upload paperwork once completed. As of 2021, clients can also now directly complete some intake paperwork through the client portal. TherapyNotes hasn’t been sitting idle between these major updates.  Just about every month they release improvements. The trade off with TherapyNotes is that, while their development cycle for major features appears to be slow, the features tend to be rock solid when released. TherapyNotes is also rare in that it provides a Two-Factor Authentication feature, an additional layer of important security.

What TherapyNotes does, it does incredibly well and in style.  It has one of the most polished, user-friendly GUI/UX of any of the platforms and provides incredible time savings through it’s smart, intuitive, flexible work flow.  Virtually all functions for a session (Notes, Billing, Changes, Claim Filing, etc.) can be accessed directly from the Appointment itself as well as from the Client area.  It’s integrated treatment plan and progress notes are a dream come true for those who want to be able to quickly complete their notes.  Making copious use of time-saving drop downs and check boxes, notes are a breeze.  This comes at the expense of not being able to customize the notes.  However, if a modified SOAP style note works for a practice, TherapyNotes will likely fit the bill. TherapyNotes takes this approach in order to ensure users have templats that ensure treatment plans and notes that will stand up to audits.

TherapyNotes has also made improvements in their alert system. In addition to notifying users that notes need to be completed, they are also informed when insurance claims need to be filed, when ERAs have been received, and more. Additionally, users are now notified via email when a client schedules an appointment through the client portal. TherapyNotes also refined their permissions structure, allowing clinicians to have limited billing permissions (like entering co-pays), without gaining access practice-wide reports and other areas.

As with all applications, there are some trade offs.  As mentioned, there is no ability to customize progress and other note templates.  While many templates are provided, users are unable to adjust them in any way.  This serves well to create a very clean and efficient process.  It’s important, however, that you make sure the notes meet all of your needs since you won’t be able to change their format. Oddly, despite their attention to detail, there are some minor features that continue to be missing in TherapyNotes.  For example, while it allows for tracking insurance authorizations, users must check usage manually.  There are no alerts or reports associated with authorizations so that you can readily attend to clients whose authorized sessions are running out.

TherapyNotes is a top contender for many practices based on their solid, user-friendly implementation, fast development cycle and responsive support.

**Update Summer 2022**  E-Prescribing – TherapyNotes is now has e-prescribing features fully available to all users.

Word From the Vendor


TherapyNotes accommodates the workflow of a behavioral health specialist by providing a fully integrated system to manage your scheduling, notes, and billing. Features electronic claims, appointment reminders, credit card processing, and a patient portal. Safety and security are built in to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on what’s most important: your clients.


5-Star Trustpilot Verified Reviews

“Therapy Notes has been a difference maker for my private practice. The support staff is always willing to help when I call in. I appreciate Therapy Notes for always being proactive and updating the services they offer with new and fresh ideas. You make me a better therapist Therapy Notes. Thank You!!!”

“The very best customer service. Consistently available and always helpful. The interface is comprehensive. Seeing how I can do everything from my phone is the cherry on the cake. Keep up the good work.”

“TherapyNotes is awesome. I’ve used at least 5 other EHR and TherapyNotes is so user friendly. The support representatives are considerate, knowledgeable and go above and beyond. Can’t recommend this company enough.”

“TherapyNotes has the best customer support I’ve ever encountered. After I get my concern addressed, it is always followed by an email that summarizes what was discussed over the phone and it includes relevant links to information and tutorials. Also, every single person I’ve spoken with is patient and friendly. And, the software is very intuitive and has lots of functionality – If I had more time, I’d probably be able to find the answers to my questions myself.”

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